The creative heads of t.e.a.m.

Torsten Kleuel

Torsten Kleuel is CEO and Assistant Bugle Major of the famous band Quirinius Band & Bugle Corps Neuss 2011 e.V. 

Since 2012 he worked together with Drum Major Guinness Adria who passed away far to early. For more than 25 years Torsten Kleuel is an active musician in the world of military- and marching bands. He took part in european championships, many tattoos and shows, 50th Anniversary of the Royal Green Jackets in Winchester and the Musikschau der Nationen in Bremen. A special highlight in his career was his performance in front of the Royal Family at the Sounding Retreat at Horse Guards Parade in London. He is a full-blooded musician and has organising ability. The legacy of Drum Major Guinness Adria is in good hands.

Ronnie Bromhead

At the age of 8 years Ronnie Bromhead began to play the bagpipe. He joined the Scots Guards with 17 and played at the legendary "Guards Depot Piping School" for 3 years. At 1984 he won several European Championships and the World Championship with the band in Grade 3. Later on he was piper at Buckingham Palace on several occasions, he also played at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. He is an educated Pipe Major and certified instructor. He runs his own piping school and acts as instructor worldwide. He is well known for his perfect implementation at big music events. The tuning of more than hundret pipes and perfect drill of the musicians is no problem for Pipe Major Ronnie Bromhead.

William Bell

Drum Sergeant William Bell is the one who sets the pace. Beeing the Lead Drummer every musician orientates at him. He started drumming when he was only 5 years old, teached by his uncle Jimmy Marr. He played with Lochore and Dristict Pipe Band and served at 1st Btn. The Blackwatch. He attended the Scottish Division School of Music and recached all RSPBA standards. He played for the Queen and the Royal Family. Willie teaches worldwide. He is responsible for the successful perfomances of the drum corps at countless music events.



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